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Light Blue
Neon Green

Cutter Knife, Wide

20.00 EGP
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Plastic Protractor 2007-1, 360 Degrees

8.25 EGP
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Prima Queen 1001 Plastic Protractor, 180 Degrees

1.00 EGP
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Stencil Ruler K220, 1:100, Electricity

32.00 EGP
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Transparent Plastic Ruler, Straight and Wavy Line, 20 cm.

4.00 EGP
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Apple Stencil Ruler, Chemistry

21.00 EGP
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Apple Stencil Ruler, Interior Design, M 1:100 & 1:200

48.50 EGP
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Apple Stencil Ruler, Interior Design, M 1:50

55.00 EGP
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Apple Stencil Ruler, Oval

32.25 EGP
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Deli 37455 Stainless Steel Scissors, 185 mm., Soft Handle

25.00 EGP
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Deli 6046 Stainless Steel Scissors, 170 mm.

45.00 EGP
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Deli 6053 Titanium Scissors, 175 mm., Green

43.50 EGP
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Deli 6059 Stainless Steel Scissors, 175 mm., Grey

40.00 EGP
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Deli 6435 Set Square, 33 cm.

65.00 EGP
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Deli 8616 Mechanical Pencil Compass

44.00 EGP
Helps you draw circles and arcs Easy and safe to use

M&G ACS90808 Geometry Set, 7 Pcs.

60.00 EGP
Set contains of 7 items: Mechanical pencil compass Eraser Ruler Protractor 180 degree Triangle Right-angle triangle Leads
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M&G ARL960G4 Plastic Ruler 30 Cm

8.00 EGP
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M&G ASS91446 Kids Scissors with Metal Blade, 3 Attachable Cuts, 165 mm

35.00 EGP
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Stencil Ruler, Nuts

29.00 EGP
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Y Plus S190200 Geometry Set, 8 Pcs.

56.35 EGP
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